News Flash – Just spent 6 weeks in hospital

It wasn’t good news. I have congestive heart failure. I was on oxygen and it took almost 4 weeks in a rehab hospital to wean me off the oxygen. I still have some problems breathing, coughing, temperature (some possibly due to a flu shot), swelling in the feet and legs. I had four Covid 19 tests. All negative. They are very painful. I haven’t felt like writing and after 6 weeks in bed 24 hours a day, most days, I am having a hard time readjusting to the real world.

I have to find a cardiologist now. I have to have another sleep test since my sleep apnea is slowly shutting down my organs and I need to get it under control.

I got my hearing aids today although I am feeling scared to put them in.

I have a huge list of doctors to see. This is not helping my depression.



I won Camp NaNoWriMo and a tip!

Ok so I won camp NaNoWriMo this month already. I won on July 23. During the camps you can set your own goal so I set mine for 3 hours per day and with several days of writing sprints for 9 hours and 14 hours and 5 hours I managed to hit my goal earlier.

Here’s the video where I hit my goal.

Now for my tip. The writers, including me, on authortube (which is the writing community on youtube), we use live writing sprints to help us meet our goal . The more people on the sprint, usually the more sprinting that gets done. I say usually since sometimes everyone gets distracted talking for longer periods of time then actually writing. These are even helpful if you watch the published version instead of the live one. You can just pretend it is the live version, but you can’t comment that is the only difference. I suppose some people can find it distracting, but usually the host is muted during the sprint and if you ignore the chatting going on, which I do, you can get a lot of writing done.

To find my channel put “Tessa Dean” in the search box on www.youtube.com. To find live writing streams put either “live writing streams” or “live writing sprints” in the search box. Here is an example of my best sprint. I am still new to them so I don’t get a large audience at this time, but this one had 16 views I believe:

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